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The new classification of Cacti mainly based on molecular data and explained
by Joël Lodé
Volumes 3-4:
"Description of the Species"

      ±1400 pages / ±2500 photos / ±2600 species and subspecies  

FORECAST of contents:
- Approximately 2600 listed taxa (sp. + subsp.) recognised, described and explained in alphabetical order,
- ± 1400 pages A4 format (separate index),
- ± 400 photos of the new taxa and those omitted in the first two volumes, taken in habitat and in collection,
- + 2100 photos of seeds of almost all species and subspecies, taken under a digital microscope,
- Complete description, updated for each species and subspecies,
- Etymology for each species and subspecies,
- Portrait of persons who gave their name to a species or subspecies,
- + 2200 geographical distribution maps,
- Description of habitats for each species and subspecies,
- Level of threat for each species and subspecies,
- Bibliography,
- Index and revised synonyms (in a separate booklet).

This is the ambitious project that prefigures the sequel and the end of the first two volumes of the "Taxonomy of the Cactaceae", which presented for the first time in a single work, the genera of Cacti recognised by the author and using both morphological data and molecular phylogenetic studies.

This time it is an even more detailed and complementary huge
research work, description of all taxa recognised by the author (± 2600) and new data, like pictures under digital microscope of the seeds of almost all species and subspecies concerned.

The book is written in English (revised and corrected by specialists), its translation into French would require one more year of work, thus delaying a publication already planned in the long term, considering the amount of work, knowing that the necessary funds for the writing of this work, and its translation do not exist. This work is based on the will and perseverance of the author (and the patience of future readers!), It requires both financial and logistical support; two databases are already available at the bottom of this page: the list of taxa seeds still to be found, as well as the photographs of the taxa not previously included in the first two volumes. If you are a happy man and have seeds or photos wanted for this book, you are welcome to participate in the illustration! The collaborators will of course be cited and thanked with their names in the work, and the illustrations will be duly identified with the copyright of their authors.

digitalisation des graines

The drafting of the book is a long-term task which demands an almost exclusive dedication, which is not remunerated, and even generates expenses. The financial assistance is therefore particularly welcome to carry out this unpublished project which will spread over several years. I would like to thank the Société Française d'Acclimatation  (Society whose aim is to improve the diffusion of the knowledge of gardeners about their climate and the plants of acclimatisation, to favor the diversity of the plantations in gardens, in agreement with the climate) which was the first to value this work and offered a grant for its implementation.
There is nothing formal, every help is greeted with kindness, and before being embodied in the book with the thanks due to the generous collaborators, it will be pointed out through this page which will honor each step forward towards the final publication of a work necessary to update our knowledge in the field of Cactaceae. In advance, thank you for your involvement. Joël Lodé.

Started in 2016, the project is already well under way:

SEEDS under digital microscope:
- For now,
I have currently taken 3052 photos of the seeds under digital microscope, which represent over 2000 taxa. Some come from different sources to verify and ensure their identity; most cacti seed sellers found on the web were solicited, some even offered the seeds, which represent a great help. Many amateurs and specialists have also participated in this compilation on a voluntary and enthusiastic basis, and all will be thanked and cited in the book

Thanks to many collaborators who will be cited fo their merits in the book, the collection of still missing photos in the first two volumes is well advanced, with more than 200 photos of new taxa.

More than 2000 geographical distribution maps of all taxa (the subspecies would be grouped together with the species on a single map) are at the project stage, using the QGIS software for their realization. I still have to find a standard model. For now, most information about this distribution is compiled. Help with the use of this software is welcome!

I have also prepared what will be used for the etymological illustration, the model for the gallery showing the persons who gave their name to a species or a subspecies. It is a very laborious and often unsuccessful research work, many people have not been represented, and there is no portrait or photo of these people known, or more simply I have not managed to find their portrait : for example, the chevalier de Monville, Francisco Ortega respectively for genera Monvillea and Ortegocactus, Richard Grässner for Acanthocephala graessneri, José Picardo for Airampoa picardoi etc.

The highlight of the book, which will take the longest time, is the detailed description of ± 2600 species and subspecies, with many gaps filled. I am currently working on Cleistocactus ... A long-term work on which I plan to offer a book as complete and actualised as possible on Cacti.

I will try to take stock with you by updating this page and this text from time to time according to the progress of the project. Patience is a must!
It is just incredible to see how people is contributing with pictures, seeds, portraits, articles from all over the world: thank you for your help and trust.
Joël Lodé, 2017

Wishlist of STILL MISSING SEEDS (actualised)           contact: joel@cactus-aventures.com               MISSING PICTURES Whishlist actualised)