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Joël Lodé, Cactus-Adventures International SL, Aptdo. Postal 11, E-04616 Cuevas del Almanzora, SPAIN (Almeria)
VAT authorization: ESB04803714

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     "International CACTUS-ADVENTURES is the first European magazine (a non-profit making), full colour (quarterly journal up to 2015, now biannual), founded in 1988 (in english since 1996), with a high quality standard, dealing with all aspects of cacti and other succulent plants, with original articles, and full of information (Annual C.A.C.T.U.S. Congress, shows… )
    "International CACTUS-ADVENTURES is dedicated to education and actively works towards the propagation and protection of the species .   "International CACTUS-ADVENTURES is a periodical with cultivation articles, Newsletters, trips to the habitats, philately, Cactus for Kids, many illustrations in full colour, drawings, maps etc. Journal subscriptions begin with the first issue of each year (March-April issue).
"International CACTUS-ADVENTURES is the only cactus journal published in 3 separate editions: English, French and Spanish.
    Incredibly, the price of subscription was still the same since 1995 towards 2007; since, the price of 35€ is still unchanged!
    Our Cacti & Other Succulents Seeds catalogue (only on internet) is quite unique in Europe, and offers + 2000 species. 
    We have an exchange program with international associations and members in 90 countries.
    You are welcome to make any suggestions and you are encouraged to submit articles for publication in our Journal.