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The new classification of Cacti also based on molecular data and explained
In two volumes:
Vol. I : Acanthocalycium - Lymanbensonia / Vol. II : Maihuenia - Yungasocereus
edition in english second printing

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First classification of cacti based mainly (although not only!) on the molecular genetics (DNA) and explained.
No book on cacti has never gone this far with illustrations, both in quantity (+9500 photos) and quality, but also in
diversity, with plants photographed in habitat and collection at different stages of growth, also with flowers, fruits and
even seeds (more than 360 species photographed on digital microscope)!
And of course, you will find all the latest discoveries!
At last, you will be able to identify and classify your cacti correctly!

More details of the books and pictures here

Two volumes, A4 size, 1436 pages, +9500 photos
ISBN 978-84-617-2974-6 (Complete work)
ISBN 978-84-617-3723-9 (Vol. 1)
ISBN 978-84-617-3692-8 (Vol.2)
Price of the two volumes: 189,00€ + 35,00€ postage participation within E.U.
189,00€ + 60,00€ postage participation out of E.U. (+7kilos! real price for shipping: +70€)
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Since the beginning of 2015, volumes 3 and 4 are in the process of creation: they should be published by 2021-22.
They will include:
- Description of all recognised taxa including recent ones (± 2700 species and subspecies)
- Illustrated Dictionary of seeds in colour (gallery of almost all taxa photographied with a digital microscope).
- Portrait of most of the people who gave his name to a species or subspecies.
- Distribution map for each taxon.
A big huge and most complete work on Cactaceae, never done before.
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