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Easy Identification Guide (also in German)
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“Succulent Plants of the Canary Islands” Joël Lodé,
370 pages, 650 photos in colour,
ed. Cactus-Aventures Int. 2018. (ENG, FR, SP, D)

This book is an easy identification guide, in four languages (ESP, ENG, FR, D), which represents all the species illustrated in all genera that make up the succulents of the Canary Islands: Aeonium, Aichryson, Ceropegia, Euphorbia, Monanthes etc. It contains precise descriptions, identification tips, distribution maps and numerous indexes classified by species, genus, family, islands, synonyms, etc. This guide will allow you to discover the succulents of the Canary islands, or to identify them in your own collection. Many photos taken in habitat illustrate each species. 
only 13,50€
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