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Read before purchase

Illustrated SEED Catalogue - CACTACEAE & SUCCULENTAE
Collection Joël Lodé Permis CITES 1 ref KOY 10828 délivré en France le 10/10/94 Permis CITES 2 ref KOY8241/8242/8243/8244 NIF: B04803714 - IVA, VAT (TVA) European Intracommunity Number: ESB04803714
N° de comercio : 072.29504-1
The catalogue is constantly actualized with new species and fresh seeds when they arrive.
We do not provide Phytosanitary Certificate.

IMPORTANT DOCUMENT about the legality of our material:
The CITES1 seeds are artificially propagated as well as our plants:
English translation: click here. (original in spanish at "leer antes de comprar").

Some species actually unavailable or new species may appear within this year. Check by clicking on "NEW". † = small quantity.

When some seeds of your order are out of stock, they are usually replaced by a doubling of those you ordered, to compensate. If you want specific species of replacement, you must explicitly indicate them in an email. Please don't mix seeds and plants in the same order: postage and treatment are not the same. They must be ordered separately.

Depending on the quantity of orders we receive, it may take 10 to 30 days from the moment we receive your order and the moment whe send it. Take it into account before writing to us! Anyway, we send you two e-mails: one is when we have registered your order, the other when your order was sent.
There is a fee of 5€ for cancelling your order when paid. Paypal also covers charges for reimbursements.

IMPORTANT for US customers: Your seed order could be confiscated by customs if you do not comply with this:
Thus, we cannot be responsible if the seeds are confiscated. Thank you.
Pictures are only informative. © Reproduction prohibited or under agreement.

IMPORTANT Only one portion per order and per species Postage (10.90€) includes handling, certified and tracking In case of any issue or doubts, please e-mail to:
Good sowing!
Joël & Mildred